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Venus Is in Retrograde. Whatever That Means.

I missed January 11!

Well, not precisely. I was there for January 11. It was Wednesday. Yes, on January 11, I worked like a fiend all day and then had a wonderful facial and conversation, possibly the highlight of a very long week.

But I digress. I neglected to celebrate “Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day” on January 11. Which, given the name of my little domicile here, I ought to have commemorated in some kind of way.

This is, of course, not terribly important. It’s cutesy, at best. But it’s symptomatic of the last few weeks, in which I, and my life, have been out of sorts.

Work has been busy, busy in a stomach-churning, “oh God what NOW”, crying-in-desparation kind of way. And it looks to be until mid-March. So I’ve been working very hard, and trying to prepare myself for kind of a sucky few months.

I’ve also just been not quite right. Too tired. Too sad. Not myself.

And then, this evening, I learned why.

You can mock astrology all you want, I don’t care. I don’t generally believe in it myself. But this is uncanny.

It’s silly, but you know what? It makes me feel better. Partly because, just maybe, there is a cosmic rationale for the suckiness, not just me being incapable. But also because I got it from Pamie, and although it’s strange that I am comforted by total strangers being out of kilter, again, it makes me feel like it isn’t just me.

I am not sure if this is more astrology or schadenfreude, but I don’t care.





OK…as someone who is studying astrology (yes I really am, so no laughing please)…

I can say, that while it’s not an exact science…it’s sometimes pretty dead on.

Altho…just how much the retrograde is effecting you? Well, that would depend on other factors. It could actually be helping you, and some other cosmic drama in your chart is what’s throwing you off.

OK I’m done now. You should let me read you one day. I’ve gotten way better since I did that reading for Frank a while back 🙂

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