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Who Am I?

Edited 04/20/06 – There are plenty of them out there, but somehow I didn’t like my picture being on this site. Sorry, it’s a strange thing, but there you are. The rest of the post remains, verbatim.

I put in this picture to the MyHeritage Face Recognition program (a new fun toy, found via Jessica) to see what came up.

To a very large boost of my ego, the first result was Nicole Kidman, a 67% match. A few people have told me there is some resemblance, which makes me very happy, but as they are very nice people, and as I usually have reddish curly hair, which I’ve found makes me identical in many people’s eyes to anyone anywhere who has ever had reddish curly hair, I don’t put too much stock in it. However, if a computer scientificallationally says so, maybe it’s really true, right?

Perhaps not. The next results were Olivia Newton-John (also 67%), Julianne Moore (62%), Shakira (61%), Halle Berry (60%) and Gloria Gaynor (57%). Suffice it to say that I don’t see the resemblance to any of these people. I only wish I looked like Shakira or Halle Berry.

And then, at 55%, I hit Howard Dean. Which took my ego boost right back.

So I have decided that I cannot really put my faith in the Advanced Face Recognition Technology just yet.



I got Tony Danza – please take me out of my misery. I tried another photo and the only one that was the same was Sharon Stone!!


I too started coming up with the opposite gender around 45 or 50 percent. With one not-so-clear photo I entered, I came up with Lauren Bacall in the no.1 slot(!)

Interestingly enough, the one person who came up consistently and scored as a high match with most of my pictures was Pieter Zeemann, the Ductch academic and physicist who in 1902 shared the nobel prize with Hendrik Lorentz for his discovery of the “Zeemann effect.” In fact, there were a lot of academics … then again, that just may be the effect of the East-German-style glasses I was sporting until about a year ago.


Rather odd that all my drinking pictures come up with me as L. Frank Baum.

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