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Dark Ages Television

Here’s a test for anyone who might like to pretend that they aren’t old. Look at these TV station promos from as far back as you can remember. That’ll make you realize how old you really are.

But with that said, there are some moments that are kind of dorkily cool in an “oh wow, yeah….” kind of way. Like – for me, anyway – the 1994 NBC “We’re 4 New York” song. Which, if you’re keeping track, was ELEVEN YEARS AGO which completely startles me. Or the fancy 1982 HBO feature presentation opening. I was only four at the time, and I didn’t think we had HBO then – but I definitely remember this.

Incidentally, I was surprised to discover last week that most Canadian TV stations still sign off overnight. No programming, just a song and a slate. (No, I wasn’t up that late; I was up that early. That’s what passes for amusement when you’re trying to get through the pain of a 4:50 wake-up call.)

Well, this isn’t particularly thrilling, is it? Ah well. Blame Gael, that’s where I got the link. But hey, you need a little mild-mannered amusement. It can’t all be skydiving and rocket launchers, can it now?



We did too have HBO! We got it for Fraggle Rock!


Thank you for confirming my longstanding memory that channel 5 wasn’t always Fox.
You would think they would throw some sort of filler on overnight up there, even Australia had some PBS stuff where it was basically student films and one was a stop-motion lego film where all the characters were gay.
I miss that country so much.
Oh, and we never had HBO except for the free weekends.

Dustyn Kurt Gobler

How was Canada?

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