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A Short Blog on a Long War

This was spurred by a Myspace bulletin. I’m not posting it. But it was an email forward, talking about how difficult people in the military have it, and much we civilians take for granted. All of which I agree with utterly wholeheartedly.

But it finished with one of those add-ons that you frequently get with forwarded drivel, where someone else hops on the virtual soapbox – this time with a rant about the terrible people who don’t support the war and the president and what ingrates they are.

And that just makes me see red because it’s such a patently, deceitfully false conclusion. (There’s a term for that, which I can’t remember, which is annoying me.)

[Update 11 April 06 – Syllogism, that’s the word. It’s an incorrect syllogism. Thank you,]

Just because I don’t agree with arson doesn’t mean I don’t respect firefighters.

And just because I think that our government was hideously short-sighted and misguided and wrong to go stomping into Iraq does not mean that I don’t want to cry every time I think about people as much as seven years younger than me risking their lives and going through a miserable hellish existence and dying horrible deaths in the service of noble ideals.

Supporting the troops does not mean supporting the war.

God damn, people.


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