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A Vanity Appeal

There was only one product that would give me good hair. But now they’ve changed it to a terrible new formulation that makes my hair simultaneously frizzy AND lank. It’s awful.

So. If you happen to be in the grocery store or the drugstore and see L’Oreal Pumping Curls that does NOT say “New and Improved” on it, grab every bottle you see. I will pay for them, for shipping, for your gas to the store, send you flowers, and I don’t even know what else.

I’m not normally this vain: I really haven’t found anything else that works. I promise, it’s important.

Update: CVS (2), Kings (0), ShopRite (o), Super Stop & Shop (0), Target (0), Walmart (1). I voluntarily went to Walmart, people. I can sink no lower. Also: I can’t buy it online because the old and new stuff are the same product, so there’s no guarantee that I’ll get the old version unless I can confirm the ingredients. If alcohol comes first, it’s the wrong stuff. If water comes first, it’s the right stuff.

Update 2: If you’re going to suggest it, I’ve tried it – L’Oreal, TiGi, Bed Head, Aussie, KMS, John Frieda, etc. … Please, please keep looking?

Update 3: As if you care. (But I do! And it’s my blog!) Jen found three bottles! I love Jen!

Update 4: On a trip to parts infrequently visited: another Walmart (o, the shame) (0), independent warehouse store (0), Wegman’s (0,) another CVS (3), independent grocery store (0), independent pharmacy (0), Eckard (4). Chain stores that are not terribly popular seem to be the way to go.



i feel your pain Sarah… when you find something you really like “others” just will not do.


FWIW, my roommate uses Springing Curls and even the new and improved stuff has water as the first ingredient (I checked the bottle). Maybe that would work? I dunno, just trying to help.

I can say the last time I felt this way is when they stopped making Vanilla Coke 🙂


I happen to have a bottle to my left, right on top of my desk.

I find it a tad bit on the ‘crunchy’ side of products, in terms of it’s hold…However, it gives my weave a great pick me up at the end of the day if I need to refresh the curls before going to Happy Hour.

I’ll check out drug stores in my area, and if I find any I’ll absolutely send it your way.

I went through this with Kix cereal…thankfully after a year they changed the recipe back…

So, keep the faith – if enough people dislike the new formula, they’ll change it.

I suggest writing to the company – that’s what I did. I went online and filled out a comment report, and they did respond. I guess enough people wrote in to have it changed.

Let your voice be heard!

hee hee.

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