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Seattle Skyline

I don’t know how well this will come across, but I went to the trouble so I wanted to share: a stitched-together photo of the Puget Sound, taken from the 55th (next-to-the-top) floor of Two Union Square, the third-tallest building in Seattle. Unfortunately you can’t see the mountains very clearly (Mount Rainier would be all the way to the left), but you can see (from left to right):



Hey! Seattle! I was just there last month. Nice job on the panoramic setup. We stayed downtown at my friend’s high-rise apartment, and I think it is actually in your picture. I think it is the peach colored building with the green top, all the way to the left. I’m not sure though. Hope you had fun out west!

doctor chip

WOOO-HOOOO! very nice!

I live in Tacome for 2 & 1/2 years; it was always a good day when the rain cleared, and you could see Mt. Rainier looming nearby.
thanks for the photo!



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