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Today in Word Usage

“Guidofabulous.” I’ve just invented this one. Please use similarly to “ghettofabulous.” Yeah. You’re welcome.

“Supposedly.” Could nobody please ever again say “supposably” and pretend like it’s actually a word? Because it’s not.

Gay panic.”
This is more of an ideological rant than a usage rant, but let’s just say that if you can get away with killing a guy because he hits on you and you don’t like it, then a whole lot of us girls would be murderers. The idea of “gay panic” as a legitimate defense is obscene.



I’d like to submit as a new fun word:

“vaginacologist” – your friendly neighborhood OB-GYN.

the spelling error that gets me fired up is “defiantly” instead of “definitely” – it’s not even close!


Could you add “irregardless” to your rant as well?

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