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Free Sirius (Black)

I can’t listen to music coming from my computer while I’m typing, but I can if it’s coming from somewhere else in the room. It’s a spatial thing. The music can’t come from the same place where I’m concentrating. It’s got to be behind me or off to the side.

Also, I can’t think of the melody of one song when another one is playing. I can’t even sing “Happy Birthday” if there’s a song on the radio. My brain just doesn’t do it.

Neither of those little factoids are particularly important for you to know. But the first one annoys me, because it means I can’t listen to Sirius on my computer at work. (Or, well, I could, but I wouldn’t get anything done, and then I’d get fired, and then I couldn’t afford Sirius. So yeah, I can’t.)

And now why do you care? Well, you don’t. But because you probably don’t have my neuroses, I have good news. Next week, Sirius is free Wednesday and Thursday. So you (unlike me) can listen!

I am a huge fan of Sirius. I’ve had it for over four years in my car and it’s absolutely wonderful. There’s I-don’t-know-how many channels to choose from, and everyone raves about all the commercial-free music, but personally I recommend Radio One (channel 11) in the morning and OutQ (channel 106) in the evening. (I couldn’t care less about Howard.)

So what are you waiting for? Go register and get ready to listen. Go!



Not silly – just not yet part of the Sirius cult like me. C’mere, have some Kool-Aid.


Now don’t I just look silly! Go Sirius!


That’s not true – you don’t have to pay anything extra at all for Sirius online!

And, if you get the long-term plan, like I have, it’s only $7.55 a month.

Good stuff!


I’m an XM subscriber and one reason is because XM Online is included in the $12.95 monthly subscription and I listen to it all day at work and home (when I’m not in my car obviously, where my XM unit is). You don’t have to pay an additional $7 to get the online content like Sirius does. I hate that about Sirius. And XM offers discount rates for paying for a year plan or more. So I pay $11.87 a month instead of $12.95. Yeah, both companies are hurting but it’s just another reason why XM has a better business model than Sirius. However, the gym I go to has Sirius and their classic rock stations rules over XM.

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