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Naughty, Naughty

What is this? You have not seen Borat? You did not go for the first time with your entire company? You did not go for the second time with your biggest client?

Then clearly, you, unlike me, lead a normal life full of sense and logic and propriety.

I’m kinda glad I’m not you.

Anyway, to keep you till you do go, look at this clip of Sacha Baron Cohen – unusually out of character on the Daily Show, way back in the day.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Jon Stewart. Mmmmm. Geek crush.

Edited to add: Upon further reflection – by which I mean upon remembering that Sacha Baron Cohen is, in fact, Borat – I wish to retract the above statement. With a shudder.

Good God. Never underestimate the power of a posh Oxbridge accent and a well-cut suit to cause temporary amnesia.



Seriously? Girl, you are AWESOME

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