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Melon Collie and the Transient Sadness

Don’t be dismal; it’s Friday. I’m not. I promise. It’s just that I’ve collected a few sad links. So if you’re ever in a bit of a mood, and you need a little wallowing, come back here. Because life is pretty great, certainly – but sometimes you do just get to feeling sad, and that’s okay.

We watch (the American version of) “The Office” at lunch on Friday at work. I know: that’s so meta that you can’t decide if it’s ironic or pathetic, right? Yeah. And now I see Dwight has a blog. So… is blogging therefore equally vaguely pathetic? I’m unsure.

PostSecret always leaves me with sort of an ache inside. Yet it’s simultaneously comforting. Maybe it’s schadenfreude. Maybe it’s companionship. Maybe it’s an urge to help.

But sweet Jesus. If you just need a cry? Give The Saddest Thing I Own two minutes.

There now. We’re all purged. Back to your regularly scheduled, non-depressing blogging.



No, you’re right; I only got about 15 minutes in. Then I got squirmy, so I went out to pick up a Christmas present. Should I really sit through it?


You watched this week’s Office today and you’re still sad? That’s not possible.

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