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The Worst Holiday Newsletter Ever

Regardless of your year, I suspect it was better than this person’s. This is a real Christmas-card letter that a friend received from a (very distant, not blood-related) relative.

(Although my own relatives are wacky, I promise I don’t know these people – but still, I removed identifying info. Crazy people need privacy too.)

And even if your year wasn’t so good, I hope you had better sense than to do something like this about it.

Seriously, though.

Happy new year.

I hope you’re happy and healthy and safe and peaceful, and make lots of wonderful new memories in 2007.

And I hope I do, too.

(Sev: Un bon Saint-Sylvestre réveillon, peut-etre. Et bonne année, toujours! Bisous.)


Hula Doula

Holy frickity frack! I have absolutely nothing to complain about eh?!
That is one heck of a Christmas letter.

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