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Did You Ever…

…realize that you had friends on your MySpace, but had no idea who they were?

wonder what the hell Twitter was and why SxSW cared so much?

…already really, really miss The Show?

…realize that you needed to stop calling it “Kerrin’s weekly roundup” since everyone thinks Kerrin is writing your blog?

…wonder if some other people would write some of your blog sometimes?

…realize Tracy already has, and you just have to find a picture of her?

…get happy when the song you want to add to your playlist is available when you didn’t expect it to be?

…realize you really ought to be going to bed?



“Kerrin” is Kerrin. She’s my friend. She’s lovely and wonderful. And she likes my Sunday posts because they give her links to look at all week at work. But she’s not writing them.


Maybe a stupid question, but I never asked it. Who or what is “Kerrin”?

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