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Irony All Over the Place

Things that get me cranky, in increasing order of crankiness:

  1. Firefox crashing. Wherefore, Mozilla? Must you drive me back into the arms of Internet Explorer? Must you prove Eliot right? Don’t make me do it.
  2. Firefox crashing just as I’m done with a post.
  3. Firefox crashing just as I’m done with a post about how I’m annoyed with YouTube and Blogger for not working together.
  4. YouTube and Blogger for not working together. Eric Schmidt, why did you pay six jillion dollars for to buy both of these sites and put happy little “post video” links on YouTube if said links will never ever ever work?
  5. Thinking I figured out why it wasn’t working and feeling like an ass.
  6. It still not working.

Fortunately, we have this to make up for all the world’s ills: this, which was the point in the first place:



If the Baby Jesus didn’t want me to install so many things, He wouldn’t have invented them, now would He?


Confucius say, programs crash less when less programs are installed, then deleted, then installed again.
Garbage in, garbage out, grasshopper.


I JUST saw this somewhere else and I am loving it. Alanis is pretty much awesome. h


OH, my.. and i thought this song was sort of good for her early stuff…

thanks, sarah, thanks…

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