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So. I finished my thesis. That’s what’s done. But I didn’t want to say much until today, when….

…I met with my advisor, the utterly lovely Dr. Levinson. And I’m not just saying that because I discovered that he discovered this site. I swear.

He looked stunning today, by the way. I think he’s doing something new with his hair. It makes him look even smarter. But I digress.

Anyway. He likes it. HE LIKES IT. It is a PLEASURE to read my work. It is DELIGHTFUL. If slightly arch.

Which, if you weren’t quite sure what it means, and I wasn’t, so I looked it up to make sure, means condescending, ironic, impudent, impish, mischievious, roguish, sly.

I’m not sure I like being all those things, but I’m pretty sure I actually am, so I might as well accept it.

And I’ll sure as hell take it as my very first review.

Anyway. So what’s left? I revise. He reviews. I revise. I get a committee for my oral defense. I study. They read. I present. I defend. I revise (probably).

And then? I WALK.

Sweet Jesus Christ. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

And this time I think I gave myself at least several whole minutes before I started pondering publication and dissertation and a lot of other long words that mean New Projects Involving More Work Because I Cannot Sit Still. But don’t worry. I’m getting better. One finish line at a time.

So. Fuck yeah. I had a good afternoon.

Updated to add: Since a few people have asked: the topic is how electronic media are narrowing the differences between the languages in the U.S. and England.



Yes, accept it. You are arch. And I love it. Congratulations on “fuck, yeah” good afternoon!


almost there! yeah, what is your subject?


that’s awesome!

and you are definitely arch. that might be the most apt description i’ve ever heard.

what, pray tell, is the subject of your thesis?


Hey what? You thought my thesis was vexing?

(Also, yes yes, “slightly arch,” but please don’t forget the “delightful”!)


Um, I thought it was vexing. And I am an engineer.

And you, my dear friend are slightly arch. Which is why your thesis wound up that way.


Very cool and congrats, my mischievous friend!

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