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Hooked on ‘Heroes’

Yeah, I’m late to the party. It takes me a while to decide if I’m interested, okay?

Anyway, don’t judge. It’s rude.

Here’s why I’m catching up:

  1. Throwaway sampling of an obscure foreign album I’ve had for years. Stylish.
  2. Ali Larter (who, if I was going to be a murderous stripper, I would totally be) living in the same town as my relatives. Not that I want them near her creepy doppelganger, but still, fun to see.
  3. Painting, just cause I love it. Although the whole heroin-equals-artistic-talent thing annoyed me. Cause believe me, in that case, I’d be yanking on some rubber tubing with my teeth, too.
  4. Engendering distrust for skinny girls with pixie cuts. Right on.
  5. All the episodes conveniently online, although catching up with them and the recaps is adding an ironic extra layer of confusing to the timeline.
  6. The cuteness of Hiro. “Oooh, waffles! Yahoo!”
  7. Mohinder Suresh, the hottest professor of imaginary subjects ever. Indeed. Although really maybe it’s just best to quote the recap overall: “I’ve just now realized why I like this show: hot guys who are superheroes. Not for nothing have I seen all three X-Men movies. That’s right. Even the third one.”

So, please let me know if it’s going to start to suck, because I’m only five deep at this point and I’ll cut my losses if that’s the case. If not, though, shhh, don’t tell me what happens.


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