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I’m Too Old for This

Three ways to microblog, when I can’t understand why I’d want one.

I get how it works: You sign up for an account to get teensy little IM-size spaces to post a little factoid or opinion or thought or whatever about yourself. And your friends subscribe to yours so they can see what you’re up to and what you’re thinking.

But I just don’t get it. When I want to tell somebody something, I email them. Or IM them. Or call them. (Or – see them? In person? Nah.) If I just impersonally want to talk about something – like how clueless and elderly I feel trying to understand this – I’ll blog it. If it’s a little thought, like these, maybe I’ll put up an away message on IM.

I’m all for fun new geeky things. But what does this add? I can kind of get that it’s cool that you can post from your phone. But if I’m feeling that out of touch I’ll just IM on my Blackberry. And that’s only happened once or twice.

Does anybody use these? Why? Am I being crotchety and dense and totally not with it?

I have to go shake my cane at those darn kids in my petunia patch again.


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