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An Open Letter to the Other Me

Girl, I don’t know you, but I have gotten to know a LOT about you.

We have the same name and our email addresses must be nearly the same, because I get all kinds of your mail at least once a week. Your travel arrangements, your Evites, your everything.

Like this, this morning:

hello dahling!

just wanted to tell you that… YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL TO MEEEE. and to have a great trip to boston of course! now, i have never been to boston or any neighboring towns so i can’t really offer any advice. however, steering clear of homeless folks seems like a universally good piece of advice to me!!

stay out of trouble, be safe, and have a GREAT time! i’ll talk to you when you get back. i look forward to lots of stories!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox (that’s a lotta love, beotch!),


Beth, Boston really isn’t as dangerous as you seem to think it is. But yeah, I suppose that is good advice in general.

Or this from last week:

Morning!! Long time no speak !! How r u all? How’s the house coming along? Done any more work to it? Work still good ? When r u off on your jollies ? Bet u cant wait . Had a look at that site it’s got some great villas – still havent booked though !! Dont want to leave it too late though or will end up with dross!!
Tony in Las Vegas now been there since Monday , back early tom morn. Thought i’d enjoy the “freedom” but actually hate being on my own !!!!
Speak soon , kisses to Isobelle & Luke


Aw, guys, I’m sure your villas won’t be dross, no matter how late you book. And I, too, hope Isobelle and Luke are well.

Further to additional information I have learned about you, my Other Me, I hope that you all enjoy your trip to Portugal in two weeks. And I hope your rented Renault Espace works well for you while you’re there. I’m sure it will fit seven, as promised. And you got a great price booking it.

For the record, I answer EVERY SINGLE ONE of these emails and tell the person they’ve reached the wrong person.

Thank goodness I’m not a stalker.



this post is hilarious. i don’t have this problem, but it sure was funny to read about it!


I have the same name as a woman in my company who runs the maintenance department in another division of Emerson.

I frequently am notified that the toilets in the machine shop are overflowing.


At least you don’t have another person in your company with the same name as you minus one “t” – like a floor mat, the fool.
God only knows how many emails he has received demanding payment for $120k worth of video conference equipment.

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