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Disjointed Thoughts (Or, What’s a Blog For?)

  1. Heh. What’s a blogfor? Sorry.
  2. Latest misdirected email: car service discount coupons. Aaaaand now I know where the Other Me lives and what kind of car she drives. At what point am I officially an inadvertent stalker?
  3. I am really upset that Jenna Fischer broke her back slipping on marble stairs in heels. Get well, Jenna!
  4. I am spending more time in New York, Durham and South San Francisco this week and next than in my own house. It’s cool. But I really want my bed.
  5. Imma gonna go there now.
  6. Soon as I unpack from yesterday.
  7. And repack for tomorrow and Saturday.
  8. Oh, I’m graduating!
  9. Nothing fun to wear under my gown though. Gown? Robe? Thing.
  10. Goodnight already.


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