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Weekly Roundup: 701 Posts and I’m Still Cribbing from Everybody Else

Who knew that I’d have had 700 things to say since May 2002? Wow. Welcome to post 701 and apologies for the Sunday roundup being a few hours late. Yesterday was a hiking-in-the-rain, detailing-the-car, baking-sugar-cookies fiesta of How Many Ways Can Sarah Get Dirty? Blogging, you see, doesn’t fit on that list. Well. Not THAT way, anyway.

Anyway, here’s a week’s worth of goodies, mostly from other people.

And now, most importantly, a very happy belated birthday to Sac, who is having an extraordinarily good week, being as he’s not only having a birthday but is also marrying one of the coolest people alive.



hee! thanks for listening to bossy old me. though i imagine it was more about your perfectionistic tendencies than anything else… or is that assuming too much. anyway, YAY for amazing ice cream!


Beth: all fixed.

Kerrin: ….


aww, i’m flattered! (but, the link is to the fitflops, not the ice cream!)


You’re forgetting one other very different, fun trip we took yesterday. I think there is one more to add to the list of the ways Sarah can get dirty.

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