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I seem to have lost my Bluetooth headset.

When I was packing to go on one of my last trips I remember sorting it out of the stuff I needed in my bag. But since then, I haven’t been able to find it.

This may be a blessing in disguise, though, because nobody liked it when I used it. I sounded like I was in a tunnel, like I was far away, like I was shouting, etc.

So I have these to choose from. Well, I guess I probably have more, but these are the ones I know are compatible with my phone. I think this is the one I had.

I need opinions, please. Do you have one of these? Does it suck? Can you actually carry on a conversation?

I also don’t know if maybe I just had a bad one, and normally that headset is good. Because it was great in every other way besides the audio quality – it was little, and foldable, and easy to use, and light, and used the same charger as my phone, and kept a charge for a long time.

I’m in the car about two hours a day, so it’s when I catch up with people. Speakerphone is even noisier than the headset was. And I’d rather not get a ticket. So. Help, please?


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