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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 10-12

The latest instalments:

1. Other Me gets around for the Christmas holidays.
A full travel itinerary, Tampa to Denver to San Diego to Tampa, Dec. 15-21, with Josh

2. Is Other Me an airplane designer? Flight attendant?
Hope I got this email address right! Was just reading an article about the new Boeing Dreamliner and thought of you! You must be touched I know! 😛 How are you??? New house? I cant wait to come see it (and yes I did just invite myself over :P) You just had or are having your anniversary right?
alright should get back to work, miss you!

3. Other Me is invited to a party for a union lobbyist.
As some of you may know the Purple Wave (i.e. SEIU) is taking me to Arizona on Monday the 16th for an organizing position!
I dont know how long it’s going to last (at least a month) but odds are no matter what I’m going to be on the road for this new job at least 6 months. So, there is going to be a going away party this Friday!!!! It’s also for Hannah and Jonah if you know those kids. I would love to see you before I go, so feel free to drop in for a quick hello even if your not going ot party all night. Please forward on to anyone I missed!
[details redacted]


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