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If you don’t know what the problem is in Darfur, just Google it. Click on Images.

You’ll want to help.

Last week, two senators introduced a resolution calling for the UN Security Council to authorize the immediate deployment of peacekeepers to Darfur. But only 13 senators have signed it.

Click here to fill out an easy form to email your senators, urging them to sign the resolution and help convince the Security Council to finally, finally get people in there helping save lives.

And if you have it, click here to make a donation.

And for God’s sake, if you have Fidelity investments, click here to find out how your money is being eventually used to fund genocide.



Oh, baby.. it’s awful.. those poor, poor people.

The saddest thing about Darfur… the number of people who tour the Holocaust museum in DC and walk by the collection counter… because it isn’t history yet, so it’s not important.

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