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Weekly Roundup: Reach Out and Touch Faith

Overheard in Sarah’s Weekend

Sunday Religion

Beth’s got “Personal Jesus” irretrievably jammed into my head by linking on her Facebook to these videos. So you get them too.

Random Links

And just cos I like you, one more:

Well, maybe just a couple more….

When I found those pictures I discovered Jon was right: Posh was not in attendance. She was home being completely lovely.

This weekend was more of an ongoing theme, this summer: a fantastic few days with people I love. And besides the Beckham – actually even more important than the Beckham, believe it or not – I got to see somebody wonderful find her happily-ever-after. And that was pretty, well, wonderful. You might even say it was major.

Hope your weekend was major too. And for weekend fun, look right to the Flickr photos. I’ve left them all public for a change. And I’ll keep them that way, if you promise to comment on them so I have fun surprises.



First – Jon is always right.

Second – See:

I forgot to tell you…
Make sure you always cover your teeth using your lips, while blowing.
(sounds WAY naughtier than it is)


Glad I could help you get your Jesus fix. I posted that for some kids in my husband’s band who HAD NEVER HEARD of Personal Jesus. What are they teaching kids these days?

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