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Growing up, my dad always said, “You know, he’s going to be bigger than you someday.”

I took this to heart and made sure to beat him up as much as possible while I still had the advantage.

This may not have been exactly what my father meant.

But he was right: he did get bigger than me. Bigger in every sense – taller, yes, and more logical and more practical and more daring.

And he decided that he wanted to do something bigger with his life.

He leaves for the Navy on the 8th, while I’m away.

I’m completely terrified for him and I’m worried that he is happy and makes friends and nobody is mean to him… all of the things that his big sister has wanted to protect him from his whole life. Mostly, of course, that he is safe when, in a couple of years, he is really doing it.

But I guess it’s like the aerobatics, the bungee, the tall ship, the scuba diving, the mountain biking…. It’s just how he does.

All I can do is stand back and be amazed and close my eyes when it gets too scary.

And miss him like crazy. Because if he’s away, who’s going to be keeping an eye on me?

I love you Matt. There’s no point in saying “be careful,” so – have fun.


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