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Weekly Roundup: Links Edition

Erin: do either of these work?

This makes me laugh every time. It’s the kind of couple I love to be around. The kind I want to be.

One in four American adults didn’t read a single book last year? Really? I completely agree with Jessica (of the Fug Girls): that is incredibly depressing.

Even if you can’t get Converse as cool as mine (because I got mine in Prague 1) you can make your own, like Kristin did, which is also pretty cool.

If you geek out on maps, try Wayfaring.

Calypso Cards makes funny cards. Albertine Press makes beautiful cards.

I love me some Oscar Wilde. But I did not love his fairy tale.

If you have an old cell phone, drop it off or mail it for free (that’s what I’m doing, since I’m incapable of remembering to drop them off)to Call to Protect to help a domestic violence agency.

Get yourself a shopping spree day at Macy’s with up to 20% off on October 13 by making a $5 donation to Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey. Funds provide colposcopy equipment to help women prevent cervical cancer. I am a very big believer in this organization. (I used to volunteer at the Flemington center.) I am also a big believer in shopping, lately. So: good stuff, good cause. Go get your coupon at a center:



Um… they both work.

Turkey trot is easy breezy… The state college one promises to be one hell of a new years’.

what do you think??

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