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Optical Illusion

This is making me crazy. I only see her going counter-clockwise no matter how long I stare at it.

Which apparently means I’m more logical than creative. Which would kind of be news to me.

Which way do you see it?



I see both, but I initially thought clockwise. The reason is her shadow is casted down therefore my perspective is drawn to the direction of the light, even though it is orthogonal to her rotation. If the shadow was above her, I’d immediately think counter clockwise.

Erin Flannery

I saw clockwise.. then counter… then clockwise.

I’m having drinks with Karen.


i only see her clockwise. which is hilarious because i am incredibly logical, etc.


Crazy! I saw both. Which means both of my hemispheres are working overtime? Or I need a drink? Probably both.

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