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Sac Says "Post," I Say "How High?"

This is where I don’t want to become one of those insufferable people who halfass apologizes by telling you their life has been busy. So I won’t.

But I will tell you to get to the Prudential Center as soon as you can because it is totally gorgeous and striking and classy and every single person who works there is so polite and considerate and cheerful it’s absolutely terrifying.

Also you should go see Bon Jovi because it is lots of fun. (Even if he does use a teleprompter.)

Also you should not expect to see me much lately, because my next free day appears to be November 25. …okay, that’s insufferable. But I’m not sorry about it, because I’m having fun. Work is good, I’m seeing my friends. I’m a lucky girl.

But I’ve got a whole week in New Jersey now, which is relaxing and homey and just very good. And I’m completely loving the weather. It’s cool and rainy and the leaves are changing – just perfect fall weather.

But now I have to gather up my gear and go fight. Every single time I panic. I’ve got a stomach full of butterflies and I’m terrified I’m going to make an ass of myself. But then I end up loving it.

A lot like life in general, eh?


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