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Math. Math? Really? Really.

Since I devoured Melvyn Bragg’s “The Adventure of English,” when I was poking around on iTunes Sunday and saw his BBC podcast “In Our Time” I subscribed straightaway.

But the first episode I downloaded was “The Fibonacci Sequence.” Math. Which, if you know me, is not necessarily the first thing you think of me being into. But, whatever. …And I was glued. Absolutely glued. It’s just marvelous.

I mean, all of a sudden I’m saying to myself, “I wonder if there’s a relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and chaos theory?” For serious. Who does that?

And there is, too. But that led me to cat maps and coefficients and Fields Medals, oh my… I think I’m getting a little out of my depth.

But for the first time ever, a math book is on my Amazon library list. So yeah. The moral of the story is, go find yourself a new podcast today. Cos you never can tell.



I just integrated an earthquake ground acceleration history twice to get the relative movement of the ground! I used math today!

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