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Facebook Status: The Blog Post

Sarah is…
an awful lot of things she’s not about to say on Facebook.
not feeling Christmassy even though it’s two weeks away.
not able to do a single thing right today.
sick of everyone in the whole world.
trying so hard to be nice and failing miserably.
ready to shut the door, slide down the wall and have a good cry.
not done working yet.
just barely missing seeing two of her favorite people, one after the other.
wondering if two of her other favorite people maybe don’t deserve the status.
grateful to the two people who made her laugh today.
having that thing where you write a word too many times and it looks funny. people.
(only the biscuit will get this: people! “poy-pull! fill-ims!”)
realizing that to be creative, you have to actually create.
remembering that it’s not creating that’s hard – it’s everything up to it.
not quite sure how to do all the things she wants to do.
not quite sure what she wants to do.
not quite sure what she wants.
surprised by how much a mood can change the exact same life from lovely to not.
hoping tomorrow will be better.



Sara is:

My friend and for that..

Jamie is:




*head up. it’s a new day and there is at least one person thinking of you right now and smiling…. ME!!

ps…. lets get our dancing shoes and drinking hats on soon and have a rip roaring time!


Sara is:

Apparently not having a good day.

A wonderful person, who has accomplished a lot of things this year.

A great friend to a lot of people.

Temporarily forgetting that the love of friends and family are what life is all about.

Loved by a lot of people.

In need of watching “Elf”. It will make her laugh and cry, all in a 90 minute span… and will fix that Christmas spirit issue.


hope things are on the way towards better…

also, did you notice that Facebook no longer requires “is”?

Hula Doula

Wow Sara is a lot of things today. I pray that your day gets better and your Christmas Spirit will dust off its wings.

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