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Fa La La La La

Hee, this picture makes me happy. And it also makes me remember… OMGOMGOMG 11 days to Christmas you guyyyyyys!

(…I am twelve.)

So yeah, it’s been an interesting week. The below post was one of my few grouchy ones, I think – because I don’t like reading other people’s bitches, so why would I write my own? But it was one of those times where when you think you’ve had it all thrown at you, is when you find out how wrong you were.

But that’s all over and life is no longer bad timing and crazy people and chaos and unhappy surprises, oh no. Life is sunshine and rainbow and mistletoe and CHRISTMAS!

(Life is also anonymous IMs, thanks to my fun new widget over on the right. I’m not sure I’ll keep it, but it is interesting, what people will say when you can’t tell who they are. It’s like being a slam book! But I digress.)

And now, I must go. There are presents to buy and wrap and give and cards to write and if I get any more festive I think my brains may leak out my ears.

Also I think I might be a leeetle overtired still, and just a tiny bit giddy, no?

Tis the season.


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