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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episode 16: New Year’s Resolutions

Other Me the Actor: Katie tells Other Me that the The Conservatory in Merced, CA is beginning classes again for the new year, and auditioning for Stories Under the Big Top.

Other Me the Spa Aficianado: Ruth tells Other Me that the Biella Spa in Tacoma, WA has a variety of specials for the new year. The new Ionithermie treatment looks especially appealing.

Other Me the Correspondent: Charlene tells Other Me to update her address book as she’s no longer using her Plaza Research work email for personal conversation. Also, she’s moved. And finally, she has difficulty, she can’t spell “wean off”.

Other Me the Healthy (I hope): In a sadder turn of events, Other Me registered for a discussion forum WITH MY EMAIL at Macmillan Cancer Support, based in the Isle of Man (UK). And I’m not sure who Ashley and Thomas are, but they’re involved in Other Me’s password so I’m guessing they’re family members.


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