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Today I learned that the difficulty with having bought a gorgeous bag on holiday, with which you are head over heels in love, is that six months later when you have a question about it, you have to dust off your ghastly proto-French to try to find an answer. (Which, it being Parisians you are asking, you do not get anyway. But you’d expected that.)

The other difficulty is being head over heels in love with the entire collection and having the nearest boutique in Montreal. Ah, the long-distance relationship. C’est vraiment tres dommage; mais c’est la vie.

But. It has been a long time without a real post, hasn’t it? Je suis desolee. Life has been wonderful-busy. Specially last week’s trip to Mexico with Mrs. Sac – with whom four days catching up and relaxing would have been fun anywhere in the world – but with whom four days in paradise were utter bliss. Spending days in bathing suits lazing on four-poster cabanas overlooking the Caribbean and swimming and snorkeling; delicious food and perfect weather and so much to choose from and nothing to do at the same time. Breathtakingly perfect.

And exciting – I didn’t expect to be bitten by a fish (jellyfish?), to pilot a boat or drive an ATV, to come within ten feet of a crocodile (alligator?), to see a Passion of the Christ-meets-Cirque de Soleil spectacular (stunt show? burlesque?), to get in a physical fight with a Russian (Ukranian?). And I now know that if I ever crave attention, all I need to do is go for a run in my “Former Stripper” t-shirt. Not, shall we say, a shy and retiring lot, the Mexican men. Thanks for the gift, Peter. Thanks ever so.

But it was all fantastic. Nothing like “The Ruins” – which my boss was so sweet as to lend me when he heard where I was going.

We did indeed “make a blast,” as we were instructed – and I enjoyed every second.

So now back to life. This weekend, the stunningly dreamy Matt Hall. Next week, a trip to Texas. Then, a stint in the Mansion. Coming soon, a Massive Birthday. A Massively Scary Competition. Life is never dull. Thank goodness!


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