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You’re All Getting These for V-Day

Congrats, B.

(Via Mighty Goods, on Etsy. Every time I think I can’t love Etsy more….)



Legitimate answer:

1. I tend to agree overall with Democratic policies and stances more than Republican policies and stances, and therefore I find it appropriate to be pulling for a Democratic candidate vs. a Republican.

2. I was pretty sure I preferred Obama to Clinton, so I went to and confirmed it against my priorities and my opinions on them.

3. (Because I think this was where you were going.) I see the president’s duty as national figurehead as an important part of the job and I think Obama’s vague but inspiring concepts of change are important (if, again, vague) to helping fix some of the internal and international loss of belief in the country and the president that has happened in the last four years. You can say it’s meaningless if you want, and I don’t necessarily disagree when it comes down to it, but the thing is, people are finding meaning in it at some level, and even if it’s not tangible, it’s still important.

4. I totally love the notecards, political leanings aside. Cmon. Letterpress political puns? Cute!


I’m going to ask a legitimate question.
What are his policies that make you want to vote for him?
I’m not starting to stir some crap up, I honestly don’t know. All I know is that he’s not Bush and he’s sorta black.

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