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Guest Post: For the Record

Guest post by El, who wants it on the record that he had this idea yesterday. So that when it actually happens (God forbid) he can brag about it (God forbid).

oh and I’ll say it now
just because I don’t doubt it’s possibility
don’t be surprised if some news surfaces during this campaign by Hillary
about Islamic fundamentalist terror mongers
bashing America for having a woman in the race
and she rises to the top and commands her country to rebel against this tyranny
and as president she’ll blah blah blah blah

Dramatic Lemur has his own feelings about this.

For serious, how awful would that be – but scarily, how totally believable a scenario is it? Reminds you how canny the Clintons can be, when you realize how easily you can imagine it.

Oh: it’s IM, not blank verse, as it looks. (Although political predictions in blank verse would be sort of cool and anti-establishment and Russell Simmonsy, yes?)

Got a guest post? Gimme. Blank verse preferred.


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