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But What’s the Point?

I was just playing around with Pownce since Peter Twittered that it’s out of beta.

God, that is one geeky sentence.

But anyway. It’s all pretty and well-designed, but I just don’t get the whole microbloggy thing. And you know I’ve tried.

I don’t see the point of Twitter, unless I wanted to be some CNN headline source to my friends. Why am I going to tell my whole list of people what I’m doing? Who cares? If I have something to say, I’d blog about it and be equally meaningless that way.

At least Pownce gives you a continuum between IM and microblog – you can send a message or a file to one person, or a list, or everybody. But still, it just doesn’t seem very useful. I can already do that with IM or email or Facebook. What do I need one more application for?

Shrug. Please, somebody enlighten me.

Edited to add: dude, I can’t believe you check your own links.


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