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Political Ignorance and Other Offenses

Two things about the presidential campaign are pissing me off monumentally. I’m not trying to convince anybody who to support. But I think we all can stand to know more about the issues. Sound bites just don’t cut it any more.

(Actually, in passing, I’ll add a third thing that’s pissing me off. That it’s “McCain” and “Obama” but “Hillary.” There’s a potential for confusion between Bill and Hillary? Seriously? Who thinks Bill Clinton is running? It smacks of misogyny to me, and I don’t like it. Call her Clinton already, or start saying “John” and “Barack.” Casual sexism is still sexism. End it.)

The first is the dismissal of the Obama campaign as vague and emotional, lacking specifics and essentially adolescent. Not only is it broadly incorrect – I’m one of the most ignorant Obama supporters I know, and I don’t think I’m a moron – but it’s patently unfair. I don’t see Clinton supporters facing an inquisition on policy points before people will allow them to support her.

And if they did, who among them could answer as thoroughly and intelligently as this? These clips of Derrick Ashong are absolutely worth watching, and this NYT article on them worth reading.

The second is that people are still so racist. Forgive me, I know that’s not news. But last night I discovered that someone I love and respect tremendously is (to my mind) shockingly racist, so I’m still reeling. It wasn’t about politics – he was judging my dating history, actually – but was a sharp reminder to a naive white suburban girl that racism isn’t the faraway thing I have the luxury of thinking of it as being. That made all this hit me even harder than it had been.

The Reverent Wright speech and Geraldine Ferraro comments are not news. But the full stories of them might be. Give these your time.

Olbermann commentary

Obama speech

Anderson Cooper blog on Wright’s speech

Whoever you’re supporting, it is incumbent upon you to know more than the pundits want to say, more than Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can find joke material in, more than your favorite blog finds fodder in. We are drowning in an ocean of information and if we die of thirst it’s our own fault.

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for sharing these videos! I’m one of the lead vocalists in an “Afropolitan Fusion” band called Soulfège led by my bandmate Ashong (aka DNA), whom you blogged about. On July 15th our band is releasing the digital version of our new record “Take Back the Mic,” which is our statement on the power of music with meaning.

I was wondering if you might be willing to write about the album on or around that date. If so, I can send you a private link where you can download the tracks for free.

Soulfège (‘sOl-fezh) has had an incredible year w/ multiple award nominations and some wonderful media attention, in addition to all the frenzy around Ashong’s comments on Obama. You can learn a little more about him from this bio video and more about the band from this recent Vanity Fair Article:

Ashong Bio Reel

Vanity Fair

Let me know if you’d be willing to spread the word on your blog and if there are any other blogs or email lists you think we should reach out to. Thanks a bunch for your help and I hope to hear from you soon.


“It’s more than music…it’s a movement”

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