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Shopping List: Books

So I can maybe be a little choosy. Also maybe a little indecisive. Also maybe a little clutter-phobic.

Hush, you. I hear your derisive snorting. So maybe it might not be maybe, and maybe it might be a little more than a little. Whatever.

The point is, I don’t usually buy a book till I know I like it. Same with music or movies. I only want ones I’m going to want to keep around. So to make the list, it’s already passed a few tests. Here’s what’s there at present.

Atonement. I haven’t read it, but I did love the movie, and I’ve heard the book is better.

Status Anxiety. I loved Alain de Botton‘s The Art of Travel, found this when I went looking for How Proust Can Change Your Life, and it’s completely fascinating.

The Art of War and The Prince. Surreptitiously borrowed from my brother. (Matt, I’ll totally mail them back to you, I swear.) Now I want my own copies.

Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Karen made me take this, and she was right – I adored it.

I’m always looking for new ideas. What’s on your list?





Somehow I “totally” don’t think I’ll ever get those back.


Advice #1: Stop reading novelizations of comic books. Geek.

Advice #2: Selling books on Amazon is easier than putting your socks on. And much more profitable. It will take you exactly half a second to figure it out. IM me when you do it.

Advice #3: Seriously. Comics?


I have no suggestions since, with books, especially in the last year for some odd reason, I just buy. Which is why I have not one, but TWO novelizations of a comic book series. Not graphic novels, where they take all the picture pages of several comic books and bind them together, but a book with just words where the pictures are replaced with reams and reams of descriptive tripe that chokes the story to death….

The point is, you have inspired me to try to do this from now on. And I will be weeding out my collection as part of my spring cleaning, which I had already planned. Any advice on selling thru amazon is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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