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First Memories

So I’ve got a new theory: that your first memory is a total Rorschach test for you as a person.

It’s worked 100% so far. Everyone I’ve asked has remembered something that’s exactly what you’d pin on them.

The gay remembered rearranging the furniture in his room.
The biker chick remembered hurting herself and getting fixed up.
The thinker remembered realizing she could hear her own thoughts.
The entrepreneur remembered doing what her family thought she couldn’t.
The mama remembered standing up to a bully.
The musician remembered his mother surprising him with a new song.

Mine is sitting on my father’s shoulders in a dim, green hospital hallway looking down into the nursery window at my new baby brother.

Make of that what you will, but first tell me yours.

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I remember a dream where I was being chased by the wolfman. I also remember falling down and breaking my wrist. I was two for both of them, so I’m not sure which one was first.


Interesting side story… One of RADM Stockdale’s direct orders to newly captured POW placed in the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam was a mental exercise meant on keeping your sanity in unbelievably poor conditions. It was to simply concentrate with all your mind to try and remember your first memory. Within a few months most of the POWs were capable of vividly remembering moments when they were as young as 6 months old.
Not that this anecdote has ANYTHING to do with your post, just thought it was interesting.
Carry on and have a great Navy day.

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