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Ways I Could Have Gotten Rich, No. 137

My friend’s daughter had this book lying around.

And so I’ve realized how badly I missed out on a book deal. Throughout high school, we went through several notebooks just like that. I even think one girl’s yearbook quote was “where’s the notebook?” And that’s apart from the notes… the bookcovers… the locker murals….

I hope at least some of it still exists somewhere, because I’m sure they’re priceless. “Priceless” in the sense of “funny”, I would’ve thought. (I believe one of my bookcover masterpieces was briefly framed, but that was about all the acclaim it got.) But now, I see that even teenage navel-gazing has its price.

And I wrote that stuff for free. Sucker.

Updated to add: it makes me very happy to hear that the framed bookcover still exists.



ah, memories. though i never wrote in the notebook, i can’t forget its infamy!

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