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Post Number Nine Hundred

Well, damn.

When I started this, I never thought I’d have 900 things to write about. (And perhaps some of you think I haven’t, ha ha.)

Then, I was desperately trying to figure out the transition from college – what I wanted to do with my life, how I fit into my professional and personal spheres, how they fit me. All I knew was that I wanted to write about it all while I did it.

Six years later, I’m delighted with where I am, both personally and professionally, but – of course – still trying to figure out how the world fits me, and how I fit it. Less desperation, thankfully, but just as much curiosity.

And this place has changed to match.

I can offer useful commentary on my profession – public relations, the pharmaceutical industry, social media, and how they all fit together.

(However, I still like pop music, silly links, pretty things, and shiny bits of technology. Some things won’t ever change.)

Thank you for reading. Sincerely. It’s an honor to know that you think I’m worth the time. And while it’s always a nice place to air out my opinions, it’s ever so much better when it’s a conversation.

So I’ll try to make sure this stays worth its place in your RSS reader. And don’t worry. I’ll keep talking in the meantime.

With love and appreciation.



Dude, seriously, You’re on my bookmark bar.

Next to Zappos and Google Maps.

I hole you in high regard, indeed.

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