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Social Media Is for Gi-irls

I was talking to Doug earlier this week about how one of the reasons why I’m loving social media is that I’m not always the only girl in the room anymore. (A situation usually marked by that *blink* when a guy realizes that you somehow have two X chromosomes AND a working understanding of technology.)

And now Colleen has just written about how women are all over the relationship-driven aspect of social media. (And Gary has vlogged with a very important reminder about how all of your relationships are worth valuing. Quality, not quantity.)

Anyway, I love that people I think are amazing are all talking about this. My socnets aren’t mostly female, but that because that’s the way I am in regular life. I don’t think the exact balance is key – the thing is that there IS balance.

And my main follow-on thought from Colleen’s article is, I wonder if the power of social media is going to be the final straw that breaks the glass ceiling. Who knows, right?

It doesn’t matter how old you get, girl power is still nice. (*In a Ladies Who Launch kind of way, not in a Sex and the City kind of way.)


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