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It figures that after two weeks of radio silence over here, it’s Tracy that gets me motivated.

Two brief notes in my defense. One, I’m hoping to make a big change shortly, and that hasn’t been able to happen yet. Two, I’ve been busy with things. Insanely busy with wonderful things. However, is either of those a decent excuse? Of course not! So I’ll write like a mad thing to make up for it.

But in the meantime… Tracy.

Whose blog you already know and love for her amazing, intellectual, visceral, funny look at life. (Her life being twice as cool as anyone else’s, with her combination of career, gifted child, crazy husband, extreme sports, but oh yes, also fiendishly complicated by an eight-years-running grudge match with Stage IV cancer.)

But now, you can also see Tracy on NPR, as part of the My Cancer community’s photo gallery. She’s picture 5. Looking, of course, like a badass, and making the extremely good point that for her – and in a smaller way, for all of us – what we have good in our life is OUR choice. Bad things can happen to us – but we never lose the power to bring in the good things.

A pretty strong concept. Unsurprising, given the source.

So anyway, that’s the fast news. Stay tuned for long-promised changes and stories of journeys in social media evangelism, slogs through the legal morass toward newly minted home ownership, and other thrilling adventures.

But in the meantime – go lookit Tracy.


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