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A Bit of Groveling, and Then Giraffe Charades

You’re far too lovely, and I’ve been neglecting you for far too long, dear Interblogiversinet. I could excuse myself, but – say it with me – there’s no excuse for me. 

So instead of excuses, I present you the best gift I know: Eddie Izzard miming a giraffe eating leaves. Because nothing in this world makes me happier. And that’s what I got to see this weekend, with two of my favorite people and a splendid bottle of Sancerre, and despite the fact that I was breaking out into full-body hives, it was wonderful.

(What you need to know in order for all of this to make sense: the only noise giraffes can make is a cough, tigers are not native to Africa, Rennie Mackintosh chairs have very high backs, and I am apparently allergic to carpet cleaning.)

Serious content, you ask? Coherent sentences? Content with a point? Where is all that, you ask?

Dear Internet, do you not know that it’s summer? And it’s hot? Particularly if you’re airing whatever itch-making chemicals remain in the lovely home that’s about to be yours, so you’ve got all the windows open and the air conditioning off?

Serious content in time. Meanwhile, go make mama a margarita. There’s a good Internet.


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