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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity 29-43

(As always, see all the Mistaken Identities here.) This latest batch includes:

And more. From Vegas, Milwaukee, Southern California, London, and more. (The Other Me’s get around.)

* * *

From: Scott (Ontario, Canada)

Hi Sarah,
try this latitude 48 degrees, 7′ (minutes), 51.2 ” (seconds?) NORTH
longitude 89 degrees 37′ 22.9″ WEST
altitude 1450 feet
this should put you right where we used to stand looking out over the cliff if you rotate so that instead of looking down on it you are looking across at the other hills
pretty neat. the landscape looking west and south should look familliar.
you can kinda fly around like that too. without crashing
cabin side is too poor a definition but the topo map is good.
have fun exploring
love Dad.
real map to follow.

* * *

From: [email protected] (Ontario, Canada)

Job ID: 8325
We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of your application/resume.

* * *
From: Orkut

Hi Sarah,
Imogen Hunter has scribbled in your scrapbook.

* * *

1. Join Us for a Cherry Good Time!
2. Happy Anniversary from Club Veg!
3. Treat Dad to Our Breakfast!

* * *
From: Decibel/Deepbar Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)

1. Outdoor Block Party Featuring Mechanical Bull Riding!
2. Join us tomorrow for the release of Nuvo. Be the first in Milwaukee to try the all new ultra-premium blend of French sparkling wine, French vodka, and exotic fruit nectar.
3. Chicago Rock Band Plain White T’s official summerfest afterparty!

* * *
From: Pier 1

We appreciate your feedback. Your information has been received by Pier 1 Import’s Customer Relations Department. If further action on our part is needed, a Customer Care Professional, or a member of our stores’ management team will be in contact with you. If you have provided a general suggestion or comment, your email will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

* * *
From: North London Breast Screening Edgware (Edgware, North Middlesex, UK)

Dear Sarah,
Please note we have now got some available slots for North Middlesex. Please contact the office on 0208 951 4045 to arrange an appointment.

* * *
From: [email protected] (Memphis, TN)

Muddy’s Bake Shop June Newsletter

* * *
From: Anthony (Jersey City, NJ)

Heads up, I’m moving, and the lady says my furniture is not! All the air conditioners are already gone, but the rest must go. If you ordered a book and never picked it up, it’s for sale, along with the rest of the art I have compiled in the last 10 years. (that I haven’t sold or given away already) Some of the art available, has a photo on myspace. Search Everythings a book. Also many of my baseball cards are up for hock, cards from the 50’s to present -$0.01 to $100. If you collect coins or stamps your in Luck! because I don’t have any idea what they are worth! but they date as far back as the late 1800’s. Also available, kitchen table set , crap, shenanigans, things you don’t need, my liver, fake id’s, my sister’s cat! a bunch of Tupperware with no lids, silk ties and some old pizza I found in the fridge.

* * *
From: Palms Nightlife (Las Vegas, NV)

Table Reservations
Dave Aude & DJ Chachi | Red, White and You | Kenneth Thomas | DJ RIZ | Scooter and LaVelle | Pete Tong | Hair Wars

* * *
From: Robin (Merced, CA)

In processing your vbs volunteer application I did noticed you did not fill in your driver’s license number. Do you have one and drive? If so please contact me with that information as we do a background check with everyone who works with our children. Thank you for your vbs volunteer application.
Ministry Assistant to Next Generation
Yosemite Church



“Mistaken Identity” is my favorite blog feature — makes me crack up every time! When I first read about Anthony’s missus, the purger, I thought it was about someone who is bulimic. Glad it’s only someone who likes to get rid of clutter! 😉




I can solve the mystery of Mistaken Identity #37 (Anthony’s moving sale)

That’s my sister’s boyfriend (my sister the purger 🙂

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop

Oh dear! I am the owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop and from what I can figure out, I sent an email (the newsletter) to the wrong email address. If you’d like to remove yourself from the list, there’s a link at the bottom, or you can send me your email address and I can remove you. I hate to send unsolicited stuff! I must have misread someone’s address on our sign-up sheet!
Have a good one and sorry to bug you!

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