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Two SoMe Links To End a Short Week

First, a truly fantastic, working-blue explanation of social media (by Bona Fide Marketing Genius, via PR Squared). Take three minutes to go through it, then pass it to anyone who doesn’t get SoMe yet.

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Second is the Life Changing Box.

(Via Managing the Gray and Adrants) It’s a marketing scheme, but I’m into it. The site is going viral because people are curious – but moreover, it’s got a related, prize-giving Facebook app that encourages repeated daily interactions, and that’s what’s got me interested. Viral is four years ago. (Think Subservient Chicken.) But, done right, this could be a great case of how to pair viral with social networking. I’m intrigued to see how it goes.

(Um, plus, I totally want a new TV.)

Happy Fourth, y’alls.


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