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Thanks to my fairy godmothers, I’ve finally got a domain, and I’m slowly migrating to it.

Here in the biz we call this a soft launch.

Well, okay, that’s a lie. And a geeky, pretentious one, at that.

The truth is, it’s taking me longer than I’d hoped to get a service and a domain, find a template, rig it to be passably close to what I want, and migrate 900 posts over six years. Even with the fairy godmothers. Maybe I need the mice, too.

Anyway, it’s happening, and I’m psyched. Please check it out, update your feeds, tell your friends, hire the skywriters, and go comment all over it and tell me what you think.



LOl, hi Sara! Saw your post on my blog. I’m not sure which one of the team members reached out, but sorry about the lack of contact info. 😉

The release has been getting an awesome response and we’d LOVE to have you write a review. Email us at fam at asafo dot com and we will get you a download link. Thanks a bunch for following up and talk to you soon.


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