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You Are Now Free To Move About the Airport

(I continue to search for the best way to keep six years of Google Juice while migrating my old posts here. If you have a solution, please email me.)

Here’s my pet prediction: two years to wireless charging.

Everybody knows that every airport suffers from an obscene lack of electrical outlets. If you’re lucky, there is one with a sightline to your gate. On a pole. Ten feet from the nearest chair. With half a dozen people in a glaring deathmatch over it.

Just like how internet connections used to be wired – when fancy homes boasted of their high-tech wiring bringing The Internet! to every room! – that’s the way charging is now. Tethered.

But when mobile electronics are past useful and are dead-on irreplaceable, phones (incidentally, does anyone say “mobile” or “cell” before “phone” anymore? I just realized I don’t. It’s just “my phone.”) and Blackberries and laptops and headsets and iPods can’t rely on corded chargers the way they used to. It’s simple math. Too many shiny toys and too few outlets in the world.

My current solution is my Callpod . I’ve talked about it before. I should get a commission, I’ve sold enough raving about them. But it’s seriously that good. One plug gives me six chargers specific to each device, and I’ve used it with adapters and converters all over the world. It’s a little round miracle. But it’s great because the environment doesn’t handle what we need it to anymore. And that can’t last.

I know people are working on electromagnetic fields you can put a device near, and WildCharge already has a small flat surface that will charge a couple of devices.

Why aren’t there WildCharge strips on every flat surface in every airport – or at least in the snooty club lounges? Why isn’t some company funding wireless energy to be the one that lets you recharge anywhere?

There has to be a way to do it that doesn’t cause some sort of internal body-part frying or mutating. And I just know there’s got to be someone who’s about to figure it out. If you’re that person, call me.


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Brad P. from NJ

I’m wondering if you may have found something where the blue table of death may have a use.

I would like to be able to rest one of my gadgets on a counter and have it charge up. Obviously, the concern would be what those tables would do to things that wouldn’t be created to charge? How do you transition gadgets so they don’t get fried by being put in the wrong place on a table… like that part of the counter that is inevitably in just the right place for us to put a wallet, or pocketbook, and is also just the right place to put a demagnetizer that will clear the contents of those wallets or pocketbooks…

Pep R. Oni

I think there should be wireless pizza too. How awesome would that be? You could just pluck it from the air on the go.

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