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Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Wonderful

I have a serious addiction. And like most serious addictions, it’s pretty disgusting.


Tae kwon do. Running. Sparring. Boxing. Grappling. Yoga. Boot camp drills. Whatever gets me working till I can wring out my ponytail. It’s deranged. But no matter how busy I am, how tired, how bruised, how sore, I’m glad I did it every time.

The thing is, this is NOT me. To say that I’m not a natural athlete is an understatement. I’m not a jock. I’m the bookworm, the artist, the one picked last for kickball.

So who is this chick and what’s she doing with a basket full of sports bras and an AAU card?

The oddest – and best – part is that it doesn’t come easily to me. I’ve always liked what comes naturally, but gotten frustrated and self-conscious – and avoided – what I’m not good at. And I’m not like that anymore. Maybe it’s endorphins. Maybe it’s stubbornness. Maybe I’ve gotten kicked in the head one too many times. Whyever. (Honestly, I suspect it’s a few amazing instructors.)

It means that my first response to something new that I can’t do isn’t fear anymore. …Well, no, it still is. But the key is, my first reaction to fear is now not to shy away, but to get excited. And I really love that.

Look who’s becoming – in her own small way – an adrenaline junkie.



Atta girl. Now go take some flight lessons and say hi to Loraine for me.


I never thought I’d ever call you ‘street’

Today really is a new day 😉

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