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Weekly Roundup: Presidents, Love Stories and Scotch

I’m thinking of doing professional-type posts during the week and personal-type ones on weekends. Will that stick? Probably not. But the Sunday Weekly Roundups will: it’s been a feature for a year, I can’t stop now.

Also, If I’ve talked about something elsewhere, I try not to be lazy and reuse it here. So if you catch me at it, call me on it. But that means these roundups will stay random. (You’ve been warned.) So here goes, because you don’t need either legs or jaws to type, and that’s lucky, because mine aren’t perfect today. It’s been seven weeks since I’ve sparred, there were only two guys and they were years ahead of me, I’ve been killing myself doing boot camp and Zumba and whatever else – but none of it changes that I just plain didn’t move out of the way fast enough, so I can’t chew or walk quite right. It’ll heal. Anyway, so not the point. On to the links. Short -  only three – but well padded.

Happy August. Four more weeks dodging heat and humidity till we get to my favorite season. Till then I’m going to go enjoy this beautiful gift of an afternoon.



Zumba! Yay! SUCH a fun workout! (sorry about all of the exclamation points – my zest for Zumba is strong.)

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