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mistaken identity

Weekly Roundup: Disappearing Mistaken Identity Edition

Mistaken Identity Episodes 44-50 will not be seen tonight, as some combination of thunder, ISP and WordPress just caused me to lose that whole post. Sigh. Suffice it to say that Other Me’s all over the world are designing handbags and emailing my friends about it, hanging out at The Palms in Las Vegas, running to raise money to fight breast cancer in Wisconsin, getting massages in Scottsdale in celebration of National Relaxation Day (August 15, by the way), and getting up to all manner of hijinks.

Me, on the other hand – I’ve had a really splendidly peaceful day. I’ve been decluttering, but with plenty of time for some reading on the deck all cozy and barefoot with my feet up on the railing in the rain.

My oldest friend got married this weekend, and it was tremendous fun – and surprisingly emotional. I hadn’t expected to get so choked up, as much of a mush as I am, because they’re the most even-keeled, cheerfully easygoing people I know. No PDAs, no emotional drama, no crises.

(Perhaps one of the reasons she and I have remained friends is that we’re both very alike and very opposite. I dream of being able to live with her easy capable way. If she glides deliberately and elegantly through life, I appear in comparison more like an out-of-control tricycle. But I digress.)

But I think that that their calmness was exactly what got to everybody. To witness people who are usually like that in such an honest, intensely personal, romantic moment, full of so many years of so much love – well, his cousin got up to read, promptly broke down, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that.

But then we we danced up a storm. So today’s a bit of recovery from all that goodness. And some links.

Pretty home things:

A baby blog for dadorbust from Graco, hoping that he wasn’t the one to tell me about it in the first place

A carbon footprint calculator (and if you think yours is low, think again.) (Yes, you.)

How to get to 100 pushups

Pretty stuff to look at:

Now, off for some paint. Because what do I do with my days but obsess over paint colors?


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